Yaakov Hibbert Presents… Honest Reporting. Defending Israel From Media Bias

There is a famous dictum about the Jews, “Jewish history is Jewish destiny”. Or as the RaMBaN puts its, “what happened to our forefathers is a forerunner for that which will happen to us”. Therefore whatever transpires to the Jews

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… Let’s Play

These summer months always see us in the throes of the sporting world; with the absence of the football this year we still have the Cricket World Cup, Wimbledon, Women’s World Cup, The Ashes and the regular events like Formula

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Menachem Schreiber Presents… Let’s Agree To Feud!

One person that I truly admire is my younger brother. I used to brag to anyone who’d listen that I take all of the credit for how he’d turned out. After all, my younger brother emulated all of my good

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Gavi Mirwis Presents… Internalising The External

This week’s Parsha features the episode of the Meraglim. These were the twelve spies sent by Moshe to reconnoitre the Land of Israel prior to the people’s entrance. On their return, they gave a negative report of the land, leading

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Rabbi Guttentag Presents… The Smallest Book of the Torah and the Command to Build the Jewish Population

Three Passages to Inspire Serenity

When the ark would journey Moses said, “Arise Hashem, and let your enemies be scattered, let those who hate You, flee from before You”. And when it rested he would say, “Reside tranquilly, o Hashem, among the myriad thousands of

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… L’Chaim

The second half of this week’s Parshah is the listings of the offerings that each tribe leader bought at the conclusion of the setting up of the Tabernacle. It’s a rather monotonous part of the Torah – we repeat the

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Moshe Warents Presents… A Cheesecake Dilemma

The dilemma: Moshe lifted his fork filled with delicious cheese cake and begun to make his brocha. The problem was, is wasn’t so long ago that Moshe eat fleishigs. As soon as the words left his mouth he realized he

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Shmuel Schwarz Presents… Why Learn Torah?

The question is a famous one, and a seemingly legitimate one, what is the importance of actually learning Torah? Why is studying that ancient texts so fundamental to our faith? And even more how can there be people who dedicate

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Moshe Warents Presents… The Fifth Commandment

What is the Halacha regarding a son or daughter sitting in their parent’s place? The Gemora in tractate Kiddushin (31b) teaches us that a son and daughter are obligated to fear their parents. The Gemora asks, what is considered fear?

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