The Whitefield Draw

(Formerly known as the “200 Club”)

How It Works:

  • Participants pay £25 to take part in the Whitefield Draw.
  • Winners are drawn once a month, every month for a year.
  • Two prizes, of varying value, are drawn each time.
  • Your ticket remains in the draw every month, regardless of how many times you win.

Joining: You must join the Draw at the start of the year (just after Rosh Hashanah).
How To Enter: Contact the Shul Office to Enter & make your Payment.

Forming Our Future – Not Just a Lottery!
The money raised goes to both Youth Development within the Shul (80%) and to Israeli Charities (20%).
The process of determining which charities will benefit is made through a formative exercise which involves our Youth members. Younger members become involved  in the Shul through real decision making, giving them engagement and ownership of a charitable project.
In this way, both elements play a valuable role in developing our Leaders of the Future.

Alternative Support – If you would prefer to make a donation without entering the draw this can also be accommodated. As there is no possibility of personal gain your donation would be eligible for Gift Aid.