A resident Aish Rabbi support teens, young Professionals, and young Families in Whitefield.
Whilst pursuing Aish projects he also works in parallel with WHC activities.

WHC also has its own (non-aish) Youth & Young Families Director, working within the Synagogue and Jewish Youth Centre.

Whitefield is an open, non-judgmental and safe environment for whatever type of "Jewish" you feel most comfortable being.

Aish UK was created in 1993, and Aish Manchester was started in 2001. Our core values focus us with the goal of inspiring and invigorating a renewed sense of passion for, and commitment to, Judaism. Assimilation, intermarriage, and apathy have caused so many young Jews to drop out of the 3000 year journey of the Jewish people.
Our educators believe that when we stop judging others and start listening, then people are willing to ask, to debate, to share and to engage. We also believe that the Jewish tradition is not only deep and fulfilling, but also compelling, engaging and relevant to the young person today.

Over the past 20 years, theory has been born out by practice. The demand for trips, events and courses has increased year on year. From 40 people on an Israel trip in 1993 to 1600 on learning trips in 2008; from one small office to 8 branches and 6 affiliate organisations up and down the country, serving in excess of 2000 people a week. Today, Aish programmes are being run in schools, university campuses, offices, centres, synagogues and communities in every corner of Britain.

The excitement and energy of a young Jewish revival is happening. More and more young Jews are finding a confidence in rising up to take their place in the ongoing adventure of the Jewish journey.

Whatever your background, whatever your beliefs, we look forward to welcoming you to join the discussion, the debate, the buzz and the fun!