Synagogue visits Manchester

Whitefield Synagogue - School & Groups Visits

Whitefield Synagogue - School & Groups Visits

Whitefield Synagogue welcomes visiting schools & groups wanting to learn about Judaism.
Guided visits of Whitefield Synagogue conducted by a small group of volunteers offer an insight into a place of prayer and Jewish life.

Please give us as much advanced notice as possible when requesting specific dates.

There is no charge, but Donations are always welcome.


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“The tour was excellent and the children and staff really enjoyed it”

“The tour was fantastic, the children really enjoyed it and both the staff and parent volunteers stated how much they learnt on the tour”

“I really liked that the children could be hands on and were given the opportunity to explore the artefacts. “

“Amazing and helped our students to stay focused particularly with having a variety of learning needs.”

“We absolutely loved the tour. It was interesting, informative and a wonderful experience for the students.”

“Children enjoyed seeing the different parts of the synagogue and roleplaying as the people opening the ark or as a Bar Mitzvah boy.”

“Guide was very knowledgeable and animated.”

“Really warm welcome form the moment that we arrived.”

“Lots of information was shared with the children (and adults) that was relevant – with different resources being used to explain and provide real examples.”

“All of the information was delivered in a clear way that the children were able to easily understand.”v

“We loved being able to go up to The Ark and have a look at the Torah more closely. The children enjoyed being able to view the hall from the balcony too. Being able to actually hold religious artefacts was a really good idea. Thank you for being patient with our children!”

“As we mentioned to leader, some of our students who could be described as posing many behavioural issues in school were really engaged (more than others in some cases) and was beautiful to see them learn about the Jewish faith on a first-hand basis and hopefully take this back to their communities that are not very diverse and often have stereotypical views of religions.”

“As teachers, we felt the session at your synagogue greatly supported the pupils understanding of the Jewish faith and was a brilliant way to learn.”

“It was extremely enjoyable – the pupils were engaged and learned all the key concepts of Judaism. They weren’t overwhelmed with information and the leader kept them engaged and involved throughout. Will definitely be back with other pupils!”

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