You will find a warm welcome in the Whitefield Jewish community...
... we'd love to have you!

WHC is a vibrant Orthodox synagogue...

... in the heart of one of Manchester's largest Jewish residential districts.


... whatever your tradition or level of Jewish observance there will always be something for you within the activities of the synagogue.

Family - Social - Community

Our Youth & Young Families Director - is key to  providing what is needed for the growing generations in Whitefield.

Social activities - programme a wide variety of events for all interests

Weekly Newsletter - distributed free to all members

Email & Text Notices - members can choose which notices they receive -  and get instant notification via text

Function Suite & kitchen - ideal for your simchas

Meeting rooms - for events


Jewish Learning - is available on demand for both Youngsters and Adults

Bat Chayil & pre-Bar Mitzvah - we have a wonderful girls programme which culminates in a celebratory Friday night Shabbat Dinner for the families. Whilst the boys programme gives lads & dads fun introductions to the foundations of Jewish manhood.

Religious needs - are catered for in a variety of ways both in the Shul and in the community

Religious Services -  as you might expect in a large Shul, there are prayers for Shacharit (2), Mincha and Ma'ariv every weekday. On Shabbat there is an early morning Hashkomah service, as well as the main Shul service. Additionally there is a monthly Young Families service, and a Youth Service. Plus weekly a Toddlers Service and a Children's Service.

Chevrah Kadisha - the Whitefield Burial Board gives you peace of mind, whilst Sh'mira volunteers make sure your loved one is never alone prior to a funeral.

Chazan & Choir - our very own world class Chazan leads a fabulous choir

Women's Mikva - at the shul - fully refurbished in 2017

Keilim Mikva - for utensils

Cemetery - within Whitefield and well maintained

The following forms require a signature and/or details in Hebrew,
therefore you will need to download and them print out.
RETURN THE APPROPRIATE COMPLETED FORM(S) either in person, by post, or scan and them and send by email.

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file-icon Country Membership Application Form

We now accept membership subscriptions by Direct Debit
Click this link to complete your Bank mandate online through our payment provider GOCARDLESS

Send any enquiries to the Office using the form below - or call 0161 766 3732



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