Club 13

Club13 - the shul's Bar Mitzvah club meets fortnightly and runs fun & educational activities in a shul environment.

Examples include 'Men in Black' where they learn how teffilin are made and "Club13s Got Talent" where they learn the techniques of hagbah (Torah lifting).

At the weekend of a bar mitzvah our Youth Director visits the family, who choose two books as a gift from the shul. The bar mitzvah boy also takes part in an interview which features in the Future Times newsletter.

All Club13 members acquire a sense of connection to the shul as well as greater understanding of their religion. For more details contact...
the Shul Office or email:

Don’t miss out – get in touch ~ get involved ~ and join the fun!

Below are our posters for previous years events.

Club 13 Events Blog

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