Support and Care in Whitefield

Ensuring everyone feels both supported and appreciated in the Whitefield community.

(Kesher means 'connection' in Hebrew)

Shopping assistance/visiting

Both during the pandemic and in normal times, a number of members have difficulty getting out, or need to isolate.
This can be for a variety or reasons, whether its health or age related.

Can you pop to the shops?

Could you pop in to say Hello?

Welcoming Team

A friendly face and an open door

is a great way to welcome an individual or a family who are thinking of joining WHC.

Whether its sitting down for a chat over coffee to share the “inside track’ about Whitefield, or hosting new members over a Friday night Shabbat meal… this the TEAM for YOU?

Visiting /Telephone Befriending / Meal delivery

Assistance is required in visiting members who have unfortunately become unwell and ensure they are not forgotten.

To help people with their household or religious needs who cannot manage on their own please get in touch.

Prayers "Tefillah"

Thanks to our many dedicated “minyan makers”, the shul successfully held Morning, Afternoon and Evening prayers each day throughout the challenging Covid period (when the shul was permitted to open).

Please consider joining our rota, just commit one service a week!

In a large community everyone assumes someone else is stepping in, the result is... no-one does!

We also need people who can lead prayers in shiva houses.

Kiddush Team

The in-person Shabbat Kiddush is making a comeback !

Post-pandemic regulations mean we need to organise Kiddushim differently.
Ensuring Covid-safety will take many more hands.

Everyone loves a great Kiddush... so join our teams !

Youth Centre - Help us Re-open

The success of our Youth Centre for the past 20 years has been through a succession of parent volunteers. 

You - the community members - have made that success.

The end of lockdown means we can now re-open. 

If you have young children of primary school age, get involved and help us build on that past success AGAIN !


Help Mychiel !

be our


  • Articles
  • Listing events
  • Proof-reading
  • Getting WHC in the papers 


Take the weight off the Shul Office!

help ideas come to fruition

make sure people know

keep the programme running smoothly

... could this be you?


Shemira (watching over the departed)

This simple task is of great comfort to a bereaved family.

It just involves staying with the deceased (for a few hours in a rota) until the funeral.

WHC member Lucy is our volunteer Shemira coordinator,  and she will be happy to tell you more...

Kesher Enquiry

Kesher Volunteering
What volunteering you are interested in // or // Details of what's needed

Kesher support Request

If you would like support from Rabbi Ephraim or one of the Kesher team, please send us a message in confidence, using this form.

Kesher support enquiry

caring hands

Within Whitefield there are a number of Caring and Welfare facilities and services on offer, for young and old.

Volunteering: if you would like to help with welfare activities such as shopping, cooking, general help, hospital visitation etc. please fill in the form at the bottom of this page

Know someone who has just had a baby, is unwell or just come out of hospital?
The Superb Suppers team would be delighted to provide a nutritious freshly cooked meal.
Contact - the Shul Office

Meets in the WHC youth centre every other week
» see Mother & Toddler page

Know someone who has problems getting out, is housebound and needs befriending?
Contact - the Shul Office.
The aim of the group is to support and help members of WHC who are in need.
If someone has been ill, and is feeling isolated, sometimes a friendly chat is all that is needed. If a person is housebound and needs shopping, we will do out utmost to help in any way we can.
Occasionally people like to be taken shopping, and again, we try to oblige.
To fill these roles we need volunteers, and we are always looking for people to help, particularly those who can take people out in their cars.
Other roles of the group include helping members who are in need of a meal, due to illness or a new baby. This is a "one off" service.

SHOMRIM- שומרים
When you would like people to sit with a departed relative until burial.
» see Bereavement page

If you have been the victim, or a witness to an antisemitic incident, please report it.... Firstly to the Police using 999 in emergencies or 101 for non-emergencies... and then to the CST, using 0800 980 0668 in emergencies, or 0161 792 6666 for non-emergencies.

the federation of jewish services

The Federation of Jewish Services provides social welfare care for the Jewish community all over Manchester.
If you have an issue or a problem that may require welfare help the FED is your first port of call.

Web site:
North Manchester: 0161 772 4800
South Manchester: 0161 941 4442

Residential & Nursing Support
Needs must be assessed carefully and THE FED will be able to direct the correct services to you.

jewish-womens-aidJewish Women's Aid (JWA)
- help and support for Jewish women and their children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse JWA runs a refuge in London for women and their children; offers a national confidential free-phone helpline; provides outreach support to women in the community; seeks to raise awareness of the existence of domestic abuse within the Jewish community and work towards its eradication.
Telephone: 0800 591 203 Website:

chai-cancer-careChai Cancer Care provides expert advisory services; medical, legal, financial and spiritual. There are Support Centres in Hendon and Manchester, and services are also provided in other locations. A home support service is available to clients who are unable to visit the community sites.
Telephone: 020 8202 2211
Helpline (free and confidential): 0808 808 4567

jewish charity guideUseful Listing of Charities

Interested in volunteering in Whitefield? Get in touch, fill in this form:

Kesher Volunteering
What volunteering you are interested in // or // Details of what's needed