General Simcha info

The Executive will be pleased to announce all happy events:-
– in our weekly announcements on Shabbat
– the weekly news letter
– on the WHC website

These are free.
Simply inform the Shul office
(making sure to include all relevant dates, names and other details)

A Shabbat Kiddush can be sponsored in honour of your Simcha
Contact the Shul office for details.

Please contact the Shul office as soon as you begin to consider a date for your Simcha,
to avoid disappointment.

If you would like the choir to be present and sing any particular song during Shabbat or your Simcha, please contact the Chazan and the Choirmaster via the Shul office.

Baby Naming ceremonies take place periodically
NOTE: with a busy Shul like Whitefield, it is best to reserve a baby boy’s Bar Mitzvah date whilst he is still a toddler

Brit Mila
Contact the Shul office for names of Mohelim.

Bar Mitzvah
**Booking your son’s Bar Mitzvah date several years in advance is a wise precaution**
Also make sure that date is viable (some weeks are not suitable for a Bar Mitzvah).
Double check with the advanced Jewish almanac and the Rabbi.
Make sure the Rabbi also enters the date in his own diary.

Bat Mitzvah
In recent years a number of innovations have been implemented to enable congregants to suitably celebrate their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. If you would like to discuss these, please contact the Shul office.

Whitefield Shul makes a wonderful setting for a wedding. Its renowned Choir and newly refurbished function hall are the icing on the cake.
We will also be very happy to include a Groom’s Aufruf in the Shabbat service.

For Brides-to-be, WHC has excellent Mikvah facilities, and helpful Mikvah attendants to assist you with this mitzvah.

Simchas in the Shul Hall
The Shul Hall is available to hire for your simcha, whether it be a Kiddush-Lunch, Shabbat Luncheon, or Evening Dinner Dance

  • Mazeltov

    To Cyril Salkin on the birth of a great granddaughter.
  • Mazeltov

    To Rabbi & Debbie Guttentag on the birth for granddaughter in Israel to Gedalia & Mimi.
  • Mazeltov

    To Sheila & Allan Abrams on the forthcoming marriage of their grandson Shneur Zalman to Nechama Moskiowitz.
  • Congratulations

    To Erin Miller, Lara Perry, Ruthie Nesbit & Sheyna Baker who will be reciting a Dvar Torah at the Kiddush this Shabbat as part of the girl power programme.
  • Mazeltov

    To Jane & Nick Braslavsky on the engagement of their daughter Millie to Toby Rowe.