Lecha Dodi likrat Kallah pney shabbat nekablah…

Come my friend, to meet the bride, let us receive the face of Shabbat My dear friends, As we stand ready to spend this extraordinary Shabbat apart and yet together – let us do so with joy and an elevated

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… Thank You for Being My Godparents

Knowledge of Jewish “choseness” is undeniably widespread. Several years ago, the University of California conducted a study of anti-Semitism. Non-Jewish Americans were presented with 18 unfavorable statements about Jews and asked whether they believed any of them. By far the

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Rabbi Guttentag Presents… Settling An Ancient Score?

You shall not pervert the judgement of a stranger or an orphan. You shall not take the garment of a widow as a security against a loan. And you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt, and Hashem

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… Carmageddon

The circumstances that led to the issue of Britain’s very first parking ticket were unfortunate to say the least. It was the morning of Monday September 19, 1960, and a brigade of 40 newly appointed traffic wardens were on their

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Yosef Berkovits Presents… A Different Light

In the opening verse in this week’s parshah, reference is made to the Mishpotim – Ordinances, i.e. logical and rational mitzvos – commandments of the Torah. The possuk promises Heavenly blessing as a result of our heeding the Mishpotim. Let

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… The Key to Redemption

Last week we began reading the Book of Devorim. It is also know as ‘Sefer Ha’yahsar’ – ‘The Book of the Straight’. This is because it contains within the following verse – from this weeks Parshah, “And you should do

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… The Bee Book

This week we start a new book, the last of the five Books of the Torah – “The Book of Devarim”, often referred to as Deuteronomy. Not being fluent in Latin or Greek [which ever one it is!] I have

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Moshe Kaufman Presents… Positive Word Power

This weeks Sedra discusses the laws of vows and oaths. The Verse states “If a man takes a vow to Hashem or swears an oath to prohibit a prohibition upon himself, he shall not profane his words, according to whatever

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Yaakov Hibbert Presents… When Heaven Touches Earth

A large segment of this week’s Parshah is spent on the listings of the offerings. The first and most common sacrifice brought down is the daily offerings; once in the morning and once in the afternoon. There is one verse

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