Bat Mitzvah


At WHC we aim to help you to mark your daughter’s coming of age with a significant celebration that leaves a lasting spiritual impression long after the party is over

Becoming Bat Mitzvah, on your Hebrew 12th birthday, is a very special time in your life. It is a time to look back with satisfaction at past achievements. It is a time to look forward with excitement and anticipation to a future filled with happiness and success.

Most of all, it is a time to express your gratitude to Hashem and your appreciation to your parents for enabling you to reach this important milestone in your life. It is also a time for celebration in which your parents and family share their joy that you are now able to perform the mitzvot as an adult.

If you choose to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat morning, your Dad (or brother if he is nice to you) may be called up to the Torah. After the service we will go to the Shul’s hall for the Kiddush and there you will say your D’var Torah and be presented with a lovely Sidur by the Rabbi, who will also say a few words.

What ever option you choose we are sure that it will be a memory that will follow you all your life.

With warmest good wishes for a happy and successful future in which you will become a valued and valuable member of our community.

This is the term used for a girl who completes a course on Jewish knowledge during her Bat Mitzvah year.

The culmination of the year’s course is a service in the synagogue, when the girls are addressed by the Rabbi, There is also a presentation ceremony which may be held at King David School or at the synagogue.

The celebration of completing the Bat Chayil course doesn’t replace your individual celebration of your Bat Mitzvah.


Bat Chayil