Love is ….. The Obligation of Jewish Outreach

Thoughts for Sedra Va’Etchanan Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag From the Latin Poet Virgil Omnia Vincit Amor love conquers all, to the (almost) contemporary Beatles, All You Need is Love, love is an important part of human existence. For Judaism, though, there

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Eychah – Ayekah! Where was G-d? …. Where was man?!

Eychah essah levadi, torchachem umasa’achem v’rivchem How can I bear by myself, your contentiousness, your burdens and your quarrels (Devorim 1;12) The Sedra before Tisha B’Av always contains a reminder of the saddest day in the Jewish calendar that will

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Flattering the Land – The Sanctity of Human Life

Thoughts for Sedra Matot & Massei Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag Velo Tachanifu et Ha’aretz: You shall not bring guilt upon the land in which you are, for the blood will bring guilt upon the Land. (Bamidbar 35;33) The Torah’s prescriptions for

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How Goodly are Your Tents

 Thoughts on Sedra Chukat-Balak The government has issued its new regulations, and the Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue have followed suit by issuing their guidelines. Like other countries where the lockdown has gradually been lifted, it has become permitted

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Almonds and Marriages

Thoughts for Sedra Korach  This week’s announcement by the Prime Minister that weddings would shortly be permitted to resume, coincided with Sedra Korach – which is normally read at the height of the Jewish wedding season, before the Three Weeks.

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Of Foreign Travel and Furlough

Thoughts For Sedra Shlach Lecha Our current circumstances find some echoes from our current Torah reading. Last week’s Sedra contained the verse familiar to us from Shul “Vayehi benesoa Ha’Aron vayomer Moshe, and it was when the Ark journeyed and

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Yevarechecha … May the Lord bless you and keep you; Ya’er …. May the Lord cause His face to shine to you and be gracious unto you. Yissa … May the Lord lift up His countenance to you and grant

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Lecha Dodi likrat Kallah pney shabbat nekablah…

Come my friend, to meet the bride, let us receive the face of Shabbat My dear friends, As we stand ready to spend this extraordinary Shabbat apart and yet together – let us do so with joy and an elevated

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Sermon: Shemini Atzeres 5775 2014

The famous Sherlock Holmes and his associate Dr. John Watson were going camping. They pitched their tent under the stars and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Holmes woke Watson up and said: “Watson, look up

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