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Our new learning programme at WHC

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Rabbi Ephraim writes:
"I genuinely believe this is the most important thing the Shul is doing right now. Learning is what it’s all about, and Torah education is the heartbeat of any Jewish community. I really do hope you will grab this opportunity to engage, be inspired and grow together."

Six Sessions / for Men & Women / Alternate Mondays 8:15pm - 9.00pm / Refreshments

13 May / 27 May / 10 June / 24 June / 8 July / 22 July 2024

Don’t worry if you can’t make every date, as the educators will endeavour to deliver each session in a stand-alone format.
Even if you are unable to join us this time, please consider giving it a try at the autumn and winter semesters, details of which will be announced nearer the time.
Best regards
Rabbi Ephraim, Mychiel & the education committee

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(Teens Track is free)

1. Parsha with Rabbi Ephraim

In this class we show how the wisdom of the Torah written thousands of years ago is relevant to us today, and how its lessons can enhance our lives. Based on the Parsha of that particular week or upcoming chagim where applicable, it will be semi text-based, but in a way that can also be understood by those without prior experience.

2. Hebrew reading refresher with Miriam Balshine

ALL PLACES TAKEN :: In this class we will refresh and polish up our Hebrew reading skills. Join us as we start with the Alef Bet and vowels and build on that to strengthen word decoding skills and then onto more complex reading rules. Emerge from the course feeling confident to find the place and join in with the Davening at shul!

3. Understanding Davening with Rabbi Shaya Grunfeld

This series will begin with the essence and depth of why we pray. It will then cover classic sections of Jewish prayer, gaining real and relevant day to day inspiration.
In association with SEED

4. Reviewing R' Zarum's book ‘Questioning Belief’ with Fiona Maynard

(Please note that this track will run only 3 sessions as detailed below)
Rabbi Rafi Zarum is an international lecturer, rabbinic leader, academic and author.
His quote from Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks is “always be crystal clear, justify your arguments, check all the sources, and never be boring”.
Rafi Zarum asks “Do you firmly believe in God? Do you think all the stories in the Torah are true? And are its laws still ethical for today? If you are not certain, then you are not alone”.
For those who wish to discuss aspects of his new book ‘Questioning Belief’, there is an opportunity to join others for 1 or all 3 sessions on May 13th (Does the Flood Story Still Hold Water?), June 10th (Is Collective Punishment Fair?) and July 8th (What If You Still Have Difficulties with Belief?)
If you have not already bought Rafi Zarum’s book there will be 5 free copies (drawn from a raffle) for those who sign up to all 3 sessions and 1 copy generally available on loan from the Whitefield Shul library.
In addition, relevant pages from the chapters will be photocopied and sent out in advance for discussion.
Let’s question belief together in these challenging times.

5. The Soul of Parenting with rabbi Zvi Gefen

Timeless wisdom for raising today's teenage children
In association with Aish

6. Pirkei Avot with Rabbi Benjy Rickman

In a world craving meaning and connection, Pirkei Avot offers a roadmap to navigate life's complexities with clarity and purpose. Our program infuses ancient wisdom with modern relevance, bridging the gap between the past and the present. Through interactive discussions, thought-provoking exercises, and real-life applications, participants will not only understand the text but will also integrate its teachings into their daily lives.
Join us on this transformative journey as we breathe new life into Pirkei Avot, making its teachings not only exciting but also deeply relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Together, let's uncover the wisdom of the ages and embark on a path of personal growth and enlightenment.
In association with Mizrachi & King David High School

7. Marriage & family values for young women with Lani Eshel

So much of our Jewish learning is done before the key stages of our life - before we become wives and mothers, before we start working, before we have really become adults. And so, we haven't always had a chance to take a close look at what the Torah has to tell us about living our lives in this stage of life.
Together we will explore what is means to be an adult Jew, and how the Torah can guide and support us into becoming the best wives, mothers, and all-round people that we can. Family is the most important part of our lives. If we can get that right, everything else tends to fall into place. Join me as we explore the powerful and deep meaning in being a Jewish woman.
In association with B’nei Akiva

8. One2One Learning with a study partner

An opportunity to learn chavrusa style on the topic of your choice with a partner or a tutor.
We will personalise this for you and set you up with an appropriate partner/tutor, either male or female.

9. Teens with Saul & Chani

An opportunity to learn with our youth directors, Saul & Chani Bishop and ask anything you want!
(No donation required)