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Dear All,
As you know, we have appointed a new Rabbinic couple, Ephraim and Malki Guttentag, who will join us in August.

In the interim, I would like to assure you that all aspects of shul life are covered.

  1. Funerals and Shiva: I am coordinating all funerals and Shivas, which are being handled
    by Rabbi Pinny Cohen, (funerals). Rabbi Arnold Saunders (funerals) and Shivas by both Rabbis and Rabbi Zvi Gefen.
  2. Unveiling’s are to be conducted by Rabbi Pinny Cohen and Rabbi Saunders.
  3. Weddings are to be taken by Rabbi Zvi Gefen
  4. Bar Mitzvah: Please contact our Warden, Alex Woolfstein or Mychiel Balshine who via the office will coordinate forthcoming Bar Mitzvahs.
  5. Pastoral: Contact Frances Simms or David Krebs via the Shul office.
  6. Shul services. Rabbi Pinny and Rabbi Zvi are conducting our services.

If you have any problems or wish to discuss anything please contact any member of the Exec -

Keep well and safe


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