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SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)In (WF)Out
Vayeitzei16/11/20189 Kislev3.55pm5.04pm
Vayishlach23/11/201816 Kislev3.46pm4.56pm
Vayeishev30/11/201823 Kislev3.39pm4.51pm
Mikeitz07/12/201830 Kislev3.35pm4.48pm
Vayigash14/12/20187 Tevet3.34pm4.48pm
Vayechi21/12/201814 Tevet3.36pm4.51pm
  • Mazeltov

    To the following children who are celebrating their birthday in Shul this Shabbat. Benji Brodie 1, Yair Balshine 4, Aharon Yehuda Muller 7, Freya Moore 7, Axel Wagman 8, Danny Samuels 10, Ethan Moore 10.
  • Mazeltov

    To all children being honoured this Shabbat for being nominated head, deputy or prefect in our local schools.
  • Mazeltov

    To Lauren & Mark Clyne on the Barmitzvah of their son Theo. Also to Theo’s grandparents Ruth & Esmond Edwards & Celia & Barry Clyne. Also to great grandparents Margery Morris & Ruth Edwards.
  • Mazeltov

    To Lisa & Mike Gabel on the Barmitzvah of their son Daniel. Also to Daniel’s grandparents Sandra & Mike Lipman & Bobbie Isaacs & Issy & Michelle Gabel.
  • Mazeltov

    To Nicola Bush & Jonathan Bush on the recent Batmitzvah of their twin daughters Emily & Sophia.
  • Mazeltov

    To Caroline & David Franks on the Barmitzvah of their son Neo. Also to Neo’s grandparents Shelley & Jack Franks & Denise & Ivor Shapiro.

Sunday 28th October 2018

Mourning the Sabbath morning outrage at the Tree of Life Synagogue
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA

From across the Atlantic comes the terrible news of the nightmare scenario – a horrific massacre on a Sabbath morning in a suburban Synagogue, worshippers cut down in the sanctuary of prayer by a hate-filled gunman.
We express profound sorrow and grief, and extend our boundless expressions of support and solidarity to the victims, their families, and the survivors of this brutal atrocity
We salute the bravery of the local Police forces and first–responders, rushing to aid the injured and to courageously contain the appalling carnage.
We send our greetings of comfort to brothers and sisters in the Jewish community in the USA and we call upon all people of goodwill to unite in prayer to our Creator beseeching His protection and to increase in acts of charity and loving-kindness.

Oseh Shalom bimromav, May the One who makes peace in the Heavenly heights make peace upon us and upon all Israel, Amen.

In sorrow, and with prayers and blessings of strength

Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag

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