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To Vicki & Michael Taylor on the engagement of their daughter Emma to Benjamin Jacobs.

Mazeltov »

To Barbara Hibbert on the recent birth of a Great Granddaughter.

Mazeltov »

To Hilary Fogal on the recent Batmitzvah of her Granddaughter Gali.

Mazeltov »

To Sylvia Sheff on her special birthday.

Mazeltov »

To Shelly & Nigel Gordon on the Birth of a Grandson. Also to Leila Spiero on the Birth of a Great Grandson.

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    SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)InOut
    Vayishlach28/11/201516 Kislev3.42pm4.53pm
    Vayeishev04/12/201523 Kislev3.37pm4.49pm
    Mikeitz11/12/201530 Kislev3.34pm4.48pm
    Vayigash18/12/20157 Tevet3.34pm4.49pm
    Vayechi25/12/201514 Tevet3.38pm4.53pm
    Shemot01/01/201621 Tevet3.44pm4.59pm

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