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To Vivienne & Farley Lazarus on the birth of a Granddaughter.

Mazeltov »

To Karen & Tony Alexander on the birth of a Grandson. Also to Stephanie Lipson on the birth of a Great Grandson.

Mazeltov »

To Susan & Graham Leigh on the engagement of their son Timothy to Courtney Davis.

Mazeltov »

To Michael Yardley on the occasion of his 80th Birthday.

Mazeltov »

To Jamie Gradel and family on his Barmitzvah. Also to Jamie’s Grandparents Stephanie & Maurice Bland and Phyllis Gradel.

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    SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)InOut
    Mishpatim05/02/201627 Shevat4.43pm5.53pm
    Terumah12/02/20164 Adar I4.57pm6.05pm
    Tetzaveh19/02/201611 Adar I5.11pm6.18pm
    Ki Tissa26/02/201618 Adar l5.24pm6.31pm
    Vayakheil04/03/201625 Adar I5.38pm6.44pm
    Pekudei11/03/20162 Adar II5.51pm6.57pm

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