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To Delia & Monty Woolfe on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter in Israel.

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To Soro & Dovi Colman on the Birth of a Daughter. Also to Rabbi & Debbie Guttentag on the Birth of a Granddaughter.

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To Fiona & Stephen Maynard on the Birth of a Granddaughter. Also to Stella & Sonny David on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter.

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To Helena & Robert Rodrigues-Pereira on the Birth of a Grandson.

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To Gerry & David Singer & Suzy & Ronnie Cohen on the forthcoming wedding of their children Alex & Lucy. Also to Alex & Lucy’s Grandparents Paula Singer, Zena Berlyne, Leila Singer and Bernard Gold.  

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    • The World Made Challah

      Last night, Jewish women around the world baked challahs together. Here's a taste (get it ;)) of just a few communities around the globe baking challahs for this special Shabbat.#ChallahBake #KneadingItTogether
    • A very big thank you to everyone involved in organising the ShabbatUK events in Whitefield this weekend. So many people taking part, so many happy faces. It was truly a joyous Shabbat.

    • Confronting Violence in the Name of God

      There are many conflicts around the world at present which claim to be in the name of God, particularly (although not only), the Middle East – such as ISIS i...
    • singlesYoung At Heart Club
      55+ and seeking social companionship?..this is for you. Regular meetings in the Evelyn Lubin Hall

    • Daven Eat & Learn - every other Shabbat starts 11am with Deb First in the Bridal Room
    howardgordon_01club13 striktly kosherKesher 1L1000154
    Share your Simcha photos here.
    Just email them to –
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      Lech Lecha31 Oct 7 Chesvan4.205.28
      Vayera7 Nov14 Chesvan4.055.16
      Chayei Sara14 Nov21 Chesvan3.555.06
      Toldot21 Nov28 Chesvan
      Vayeitzei28 Nov6 Kislev

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