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To Judith & Ashley Hayman on the engagement of their Son Anthony to Emma Kleinfeld.

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To Susan & Malcolm Fagelman on the engagement of their son Serge to Bayla Olsberg.

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To Michelle & Alex Wiseman on the engagement of their son Marc to Erika Ravitz. Also to Marc’s Grandmother Shelagh Wiseman.

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To Celia & Barry Clyne on the Birth of a Granddaughter.

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To Artie Brownstein on his recent 2nd Barmitzvah.

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    SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)InOut
    Tetzave27/02/20159 Adar5.27pm6.33pm
    Ki Tisa06/03/201516 Adar5.40pm6.46pm
    Vayakel-Pekudei13/03/201523 Adar5.53pm6.59pm
    Vayikra20/03/20151 Nisan6.06pm7.13pm
    Tzav27/03/20158 Nisan6.19pm7.26pm
    Pesach 1st Day03/04/201515 Nisan7.32pm8.40pm

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    • This mornings rehearsals for the Purim show on Wednesday March 4th. It's going great, the kids are amazing and it is wonderful to be working with them. I can't wait to play Haman and be booed!

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