Whitefield Jewish Community


SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)In (WF)Out
Vayikra15/03/20199 Adar II5.57pm7.03pm
Tzav22/03/201916 Adar II6.10pm7.17pm
Shmini29/03/201923 Adar II6.23pm7.30pm
Tazria05/04/20191 Nissan7.25pm8.44pm
Metzora12/04/20198 Nissan7.25pm8.58pm
Pesach 119/04/201915 Nissan8.01pm
  • Mazeltov

    To Karen Gradel & Julian Cosky on their forthcoming marriage and Julian’s aufruf. Also to their children Jamie & Lucy Gradel and Ethan, Theo and James Cosky. Also to their parents Stephanie & Maurice Bland and Megan & Lewis Cosky.
  • Mazeltov

    To Sheila & Allan Abrams on the engagement of their grandchildren Nechomoh Freundlich to Yakir Alkabitz and Levi Abrams to Leah Katzman. Also to Sheila on her special birthday.
  • Mazeltov

    To the following children who are celebrating their birthday kiddush this week at Shul. 2 years: Orly Woolfstein & Pippa Mendell. 3 years: Chaya Gefen & Joshua Saunders. 4 years: Lily Goldman, Joey Durban & Alfie Aronson 5 years: Mason…Read more ›
  • Mazeltov

    To Sophie & Alex Woolfstein on the birth of a son. Also to grandparents Barbara & Nigel Woolfstein. Also to great grandma Margaret Jeffries.
  • Mazeltov

    To Joseph Attias, Ted Bland, Samuel Borson, Shai Bowers, Max Britstone, Jayden Cohen, Noam Coleman, Max Gardner, Rafi Gardner, Leo Goldstein, Leo Nadler, Oliver Rubin & Axel Wagman – our 13 graduates who will sing in unison before tossing their…Read more ›
  • Welcome

    To Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

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