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To Avromi Goodman on his forthcoming marriage to Nicole Gold. Also to their parents Mandy & Kevin Goodman & Lesley Diamond & Ivor Gold. Also to their grandparents Dennis Goodman and Sonia Diamond.

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To Marc Balaban on his forthcoming marriage to Lynsey Conway.Also to their parents Lorraine & Anthony Balaban and Debe & Antony Conway. Also to their grandparents Sybil & Max Freedson, Thelma Balaban, Sadie Shapiro and Edith Conway.

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To Joyce & Leslie Fox on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter.

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To Laura & Oliver Press on the Birth of a Daughter. Also to Michele Shaffer on the Birth of a Granddaughter.

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To Adam Sher on his forthcoming marriage to Genevieve Paulden. Also to their parents Moira & Leslie Sher & Jacqueline & Rodney Paulden. Also to Grandparents Shirley Travis & Phyllis Isaacs.

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    Vaetchanan9 Aug13 Av7.259.49
    Eikev16 Aug20 Av7.159.32
    Re'eh23 Aug27 Av7.159.14
    Shoftim30 Aug4 Elul7.158.56
    Ki Teitzei6 Sept11 Elul7.158.38
    Ki Tavo13 Sept18 Elul7.158.20

    • Whitefield EruvWhitefield Eruv
      After 10 years in the planning Manchester’s first Eruv is up and running in Whitefield

    • singlesYoung At Heart Club
      55+ and seeking social companionship?..this is for you. Regular meetings in the Evelyn Lubin Hall

    • Daven Eat & Learn - every other Shabbat starts 11am with Deb First in the Bridal Room
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        Complete the WHC Survey » - survey extended until 13th August Dear Member It is almost seven weeks since I addressed the congregation in Shul on Shavuot and made a commitment to seek the views of t...
      • The Shabbat Project UK in Whitefield
        24/25 October - meeting this week to find out what Whitefield will do

        The Shabbos Project 2014 Official Video

        The Shabbos Project is going international! This year it will take place on the 24-25 October, Parshat Noach. To bring The Shabbos Project to you city go to:...

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    Eruv is Operational
    Last checked on Friday 29th August at 10:30am