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To Ralphine & Raymond Kay on the Batmitzvah of their daughter Tanya.

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To Dena & Simon Marks on the Birth of a Grandson.

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To Claire & Mike Simon on the Birth of a Granddaughter. Also to Maxwell Kay on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter.

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To Tammi & Ronnen Wise on the Barmitzvah last week of their son Nadav.

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To Rica & Gerald Goldberg on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter in Israel.

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    SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)InOut
    Bamidbar22/05/20155 Sivan7.40pm10.24pm
    Naso29/05/201512 Sivan7.50pm10.37pm
    Behaalotecha05/06/201519 Sivan7.55pm10.48pm
    Shlach Lecha12/06/201526 Sivan8.00pm10.56pm
    Korach19/06/20153 Tammuz8.00pm11.00pm
    Chukat26/06/201510 Tammuz8.00pm11.00pm
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    Gavriel Woolfstein
    Tim Leigh, Courtney Davis, Michael Joseph, Daniel Weisberg, Charlotte Weisberg, Avi D Jacobson, Sophie H Jacobson, Mendy Brackman and Zvi Gefen
    WHC Newsletter 3 January 2015-17

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