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To Kay & Koby Shomron on the Barmitzvah of their Son Dan. Also to Dan’s Grandparents Marlene Stone, Leslie Lever & Esther Albani.

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To Amber & Russell Goldman on the Birth of a Daughter. Also to Linda & Michael Goldman on the Birth of a Granddaughter. Also to Doris Coleman on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter.

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To Tammy & Steven Durban on the Birth of a Son.

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To Emily & Jeremy Aronson on the Birth of a Son.

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To Brian Rose on the Birth of a Grandson.

  • Shabbat

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    SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)InOut
    Tzav27/03/20158 Nisan6.19pm7.26pm
    Pesach 1st Day03/04/201515 Nisan7.32pm8.40pm
    Pesach 8th Day10/04/201522 Nisan7.45pm8.54pm
    Shmini17/04/201529 Nisan7.25pm9.09pm
    Tazria - Metzora24/04/20156 Iyar7.25pm9.24pm
    Acharei - Kedoshim01/05/201513 Iyar7.25pm9.39pm

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