Whitefield Jewish Community


SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)In (WF)Out
Tetzave15/02/201911 Adar 15.03pm6.11pm
Ki Tisa22/02/201918 Adar 15.17pm6.24pm
Vayakheil01/03/201925 Adar 15.31pm6.37pm
Pekudei08/03/20192 Adar II5.44pm6.50pm
Vayikra15/03/20199 Adar II5.57pm7.03pm
Tzav22/03/201916 Adar II6.10pm7.17pm
  • Mazeltov

    To Andrea & Richard Berger on the Barmitzvah of their son Reuben. Also to grandparents Beryl & Barrie Marcus and Adrienne & Sydney Berger.
  • Mazeltov

    To the following children who are celebrating their birthday this Shabbat in shul: Sophia Weisberg –1, India Ludwig –2, Theo Moore –3, Poppy Harris –6, Zvi Cohen –6, Leah Gefen –8, Aviva Ross –8, Jessica Ingram –8, Aimee Sacks –10
  • Mazeltov

    To Nancy Priestley on the birth of a great granddaughter.
  • Welcome

    To the Mayor of Bury Cllr Jane Black who will present our youth centre graduates with their certificates at the Kiddush.
  • Mazeltov

    To Ellie Brown, Corey Burns, Jodie Davidson, Ollie Goodman, Conrad Hilton, Benjamin Joels, Hannah Joels, Tamar Kay, Georgia Lesser, Alex Silvera and Jack Suppree, our new team of youth centre leaders who are graduating from the leadership course this Shabbat.
  • Mazeltov

    To Natalie & Matthew Hurst on the Batmitzvah of their daughter Sasha.

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