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To Rose & Laurence Gordon on the engagement of their daughter Gemma to Lawrence Cohen. Also to Gemma’s grandma Stephanie Lipson.

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To Brian Hymanson on the occasion of his 80th Birthday.

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To Hayley & Simon Showman on the Barmitzvah of their son Alfie. Also to Alfie’s grandma Marlene Showman.

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To Dahlia & Marc Goldberg on the Barmitzvah of their son Raffi. Also to Raffi’s grandparents, Jayne & Phil Goldberg.

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To Rabbi & Debbie Guttentag on the birth of a Grandson in Israel to Ayala & Shmuel Dov.

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    Balak22/07/201617 Tammuz7.50pm10.26pm
    Pinchas29/07/201624 Tammuz7.40pm10.11pm
    Matot-Masei05/08/20162 Menachem Av7.30pm9.55pm
    Devarim12/08/20169 Menachem Av7.25pm9.38pm
    Vaetchanan19/08/201616 Menachem Av7.25pm9.20pm
    Eikev26/08/201623 Menachem Av7.25pm9.02pm

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