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SedraDate (Fri)Heb Date (Shabbat)In (WF)Out
Lech Lecha19/10/201811 Cheshvan5.48pm6.51pm
Vayeira26/10/201818 Cheshvan5.33pm6.37pm
Chayei Sara02/11/201825 Cheshvan4.19pm5.24pm
Toldot09/11/20182 Kislev4.06pm5.13pm
Vayeitzei16/11/20189 Kislev3.55pm5.04pm
Vayishlach23/11/201816 Kislev3.46pm4.56pm
  • Mazeltov

    To the following children who are celebrating their birthday in Shul this Shabbat. Tori Rose 1 Livia Durban 2 Seth Berger 2 Jake Lefton 3 Libby Colman 4 Charlie Bowers 4 Benjamin Borson 5 Serena Leigh 6 Talia Berger 6…Read more ›
  • Mazeltov

    To Sue & Adrian Berkeley on the Barmitzvah of their son Zac. Also to Zac’s grandparents Valerie & Leslie Berkeley & Frances & David Levene.
  • Mazeltov

    To Gillian Ellis on the forthcoming marriage of her son Marlon to Hilary Goldsmith. Also to Marlon’s grandma Shirley Ellis. Also to Hilary’s parents Valerie & Lawrence Goldsmith and her grandma Jean Gelfand.
  • Mazeltov

    To Sharon & Raymond Povlo on the Barmitzvah of their son Rafi. Also to Rafi’s grandparents Doreen & Allen Abrahamson and Ros & Malcolm Povlo.
  • Mazeltov

    To Liz & Stephen Lazarus on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Joanne & Freddie Benisty.
  • Mazeltov

    To Joanne & Richard Myers on the birth of a daughter. Also to Elaine & Howard Myers on the birth of a granddaughter. Also to Thelma Lee on the birth of a great granddaughter.
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