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To Andrea & Robert Zemmel on the engagement of their son Marc to Hannah Phillips.

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To Natalie Cohen & Earl Hyman on the engagement of their daughter Dayna to Sebastian Green.

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To Hilary & David Krebs on the Birth of a Grandson.

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To Shirley Ellis on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter.

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To Judith & David Phillips on the Birth of a Granddaughter. Also to Fay Phillips on the Birth of a Great Granddaughter.

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        Vayeishev12/12/201420 Kislev3.344.48
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        Vayigash26/12/20144 Tevet3.394.54
        Vayechi02/01/201511 Tevet3.465.01
        Shemot07/01/201518 Tevet3.555.09
        Vaeira14/01/201525 Tevet4.065.19
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