Whitefield Jewish Community


Children’s Service (Ages 5-8) - 10.30am
Tots Service (Ages 2-5) - 11.15am
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat - 6.30pm
Candle lighting from 7.34pm to 8.59pm
Commencement of Shabbat - 8.59pm

23rd MAY
Shabbat Terminates - 10.25pm
Maariv & Havdalah - 10.35pm
SUN/MON 24/25th MAY
Shacharit - 8.30am
Family Shema
(Sun 10.30am)
Shacharit - 8.05am
Mincha & Maariv - 7.45pm

Sedra Date (Fri) Heb Date (Shabbat) In (WF) Out
Pesach III (CH''M) 10/04/2020 17 Nisan 7.43pm 8.53pm
Shmini 17/04/2020 24 Nisan 7.56pm 9.06pm
Tazria-Metzora 24/04/2020 1 Iyyar 8.09pm 9.19pm
Achrei Mot-Kedoshim 01/05/2020 8 Iyyar 8.21pm 9.31pm
Emor 08/05/2020 15 Iyyar 8.34pm 9.43pm
Behar-Bechukotai 15/05/2020 22 Iyyar 8.45pm 9.55pm
Bamidbar 22/05/2020 29 Iyyar 8.56pm 10.06pm
Shavuot II 29/05/2020 7 Sivan 9.06pm 10.15pm
Nasso 05/06/2020 14 Sivan 9.14pm 10.23pm

  • Mazel Tov

    Gary Fagen on his engagement to Shoshana Stern. Mazel Tov also to parents Sharron & Ian Fagen.
  • Mazel Tov

    Zoe and David Herman on the birth of a baby boy! Mazel Tov also to grandparents Amanda & Gary Slotwiner, Miriam Herman & Jonny Herman and to great- grandparents Francis Morris and Sidney Slotwiner.
  • Mazel Tov

    David Bodansky on his brother Michael’s engagement to Lauren Renton from London
  • Mazel Tov

    Barbara and Michael Bernstein on the birth of a great-granddaughter
  • Mazel Tov

    Allen and Sheila Abrams on the birth of a great grandson in Israel
  • Mazel Tov

    Chazan Yossi & Chani Muller on the birth of a grandson to their children Chavi and Avrohom Gottlieb
  • Mazel Tov

    Amanda & Jonny Lewis on the birth of a baby girl. Mazel Tov; also to grandparents Debra & Anthony Estrin, Marsha & Steven Shonn and Helen & Michael Lewis.

Message from the Chief Rabbi

Do you know a four lettered Hebrew word comprised of the same four letters?
The answer is וווו spelling the word ‘U’vavo’ meaning, ‘and his hook’.
I doubt there is a phenomenon of this sort in any other language .... continue reading


The Jewish Carers Support Group (separate to the new Community Support Group) was established in 2015 to support people in our Community who are responsible for the health & welfare of elderly frail parents.
Now we are in isolation providing care is even more challenging... 
...the "Carers Support WhatsApp Group" is here for you.
We can... help, support and advise if asked.
So if you become unwell and you can’t go shopping for your parents you will be able to get help.

This group is only for people supporting elderly parents.
Our WhatsApp Group operates under conditions of strict confidentiality. 
To request addition to the Group please contact the Shul Office.


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