Whitefield Jewish Community


FRIDAY 16th April
Mincha Kabbalat Shabbat - 19:00
Shabbat commences - 19:25

Terminates - 21:08


Sunday 08:15
Monday & Thursday 07:15  
Tuesday Wednesday Friday 07:20
Mincha 13:00 / Maariv 19:45

Shacharit - Sun 08:30 Mon-Thur 08:00
Maariv - Sun to Thursday - 19:00


NEXT WEEK  23rd April
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat - 19:50
Shabbat commences - 20:00

Terminates - 21:23


  • Mazel Tov

    Barbara and Michael Bernstein on the engagement of their Granddaughter Nechama to Shraga Sherer
  • Mazel Tov

    Linda Jacobs on her 80th Birthday
  • Mazel Tov

    Allan and Sheila on the forthcoming marriage of their grandson Yossi to Hadasa Mayerfeld on Rosh Chodesh Iyar 13th April in London
  • Mazel Tov

    Adele and David Frieslander on the birth of a grandson, born to Abigail and Nicky Silvester and a granddaughter born to Lauren and David Kaiser
  • Mazel Tov

    Belinda, James, Mia and Charlie together with grandparents David Lee and Pat Goodall on the occasion of Ben Bar Mitzvah
  • Mazel Tov

    Leo Nadler on his 10th Birthday
  • Mazel Tov

    Lulu Clyne on her 10th Birthday

Special General Meeting (SGM)

8:30pm Thurs 29th April 2021
Whitefield Hebrew Congregation

The SGM is concerned with the vote on a single resolution.
The outcome will be announced on
30th April, 2021.
(Attendance in-person at the meeting is possible, if pre-registered at the Office)

We hope that as many members as possible will attend either a Shul or Zoom service this coming weekend to hear Rabbi Ephraim and Rebbetzen Malki Guttentag for an exciting and informative chance to meet the prospective senior Rabbinic couple.

  • Welcome Rabbi Ephraim & Malki Guttentag

    Welcome Rabbi Ephraim & Malki Guttentag

    It is with great pleasure that Rabbi Ephraim and his wife Malki join us this weekend to meet the community. Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag was brought up in Gateshead. He made aliya and studied at yeshivah in Israel, where he met…Read more ›click here »
  • Tazria-Metzora: A Torah view on cancel culture

    Tazria-Metzora: A Torah view on cancel culture

    When is it important to call a spade a spade? In Parshat Noach (Bereishit 7:2) the Torah gives us details of the animals brought onto Noah’s Ark: “Min habehema hatehorah,” – Noah brought onto the ark clean animals, “umin habehema…Read more ›continue »


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